Our Services

HSMS utilizes specially designed mobile equipment to handle the extreme temperatures and abrasiveness inherent in slag, while ensuring uninterrupted service to the steel making furnace. HSMS also provides specially designed slag pots as well as all related maintenance for those pots and equipment, allowing its customer to focus all of its energy on what it does best – making steel. HSMS utilizes in–house engineers with expertise in slag handling operations to design, construct, and maintain slag dumping stations that accommodate each particular mill’s layout and operation. After slag cooling and excavation from the dump stations, slag is transported and fed into the metal separation plant where metallics are upgraded for reuse as raw material (Scrap) to the steel mill and the slag is further refined for value–added applications. In addition to its slag handling services, HSMS and its parent companies also have expertise in:

  • Slag Processing, Utilization, and Marketing
  • Scrap Handling Services
  • Fe Beneficiation
  • Road Construction
  • Granulation
  • Robotic Scarfing
  • Burrless Slitting and Cutting
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